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Kalsi & Associates urges caution on the Released Report of Toxic blue-green algae at Bayfront Park



The staff of the Bayfront Park Beach found blue-green algae in most of the water in the park along the western shoreline. According to the Public Health Officials of the area, tests have revealed that the algae are toxic.
Residents and the public who may choose to spend time in the Park have been urged to stay out of the water. At Kalsi & Associates, we call upon everyone to observe this decree. Coming into contact with the toxins from the algae can irritate your skin.

Other effects of exposure to the toxins include diarrhea, irritation of the mucous membrane, abdominal pain, headaches, rashes, among many other irritable effects. Health officials encourage those who may have come into contact with the water at the Park in the recent times and having any of the mentioned symptoms to seek medical attention.

As we opt to spend time with family and friends in the Parks, let us observe the rules of the parks and put our safety and good health as our number one priority. Your safety begins with you and me.

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Am I eligible to sue for Lost Income Damages as a Stay at Home Spouse? Kalsi & Associates Responds

No one knows when or if they may be involved in an accident. You spouse who stays at home may get injuries due to an accident. Can he or she sue for Lost Income Damages?
The answer to the above query is yes; you can sue for Lost Income Damages. Such a case may prove difficult particularly since the claimant, has to show proof that the injuries affected their potential of earning an income. You can seek the services of a professional Personal Injury Lawyer to help you in this.
Other areas to consider include, showing how the injuries sustained has caused you to hire help from an outside source, who needs to be paid to, carry out the duties that were once yours. Also, a comparison between what other people who have the same qualifications as you, in the job market may come in handy.
If you do not know how to proceed with the claims process after sustaining injuries due to an accident, Contact us at Kalsi& Associates on (844) 905-2993.

Kalsi & Associates Reiterate the Importance of the Slow Down and Move Over Legislation

Every motorist should remember to abide by the law, Slow Down, and Move Over. This rule has gone through many changes over time, with more vehicles being added to the cars covered by this law.
This road safety rule is straightforward and easy to understand. It ensures the safety of workers who have to park their cars on or at the side of the road. Vehicles covered in this legislation, not only includes police vehicles and ambulances but it includes tow trucks, garbage collectors, utility workers among others.
Several cases have been reported of where the operators of said vehicles have been involved in accidents which lead to their injuries and sometimes death. We would like to reiterate to all motorists to slow down as they approach such vehicles, on the road.
If you are on the road with multiple lanes, then, move over and give the operators enough room to continue with their business or services. Let us be aware on the roads as road safety begins with each person.
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Kalsi & Associates advices on Personal Injury Lawyer

Although optional, it is important to have a Personal Injury lawyer if you get injured in a motor vehicle accident or a Slip and Fall. Statistics show that one out of three Canadians will be involved in an accident in their lifetime.
If you are injured in an accident, you need to start the claims process. Medical expenses due to an accident may be well over your current Medical Insurance plan, and you could lower the cost of treatment by tapping into the medical benefits you may be entitled to.
Having a Personal Injury lawyer of Kalsi & Associates by your side is a one-step forward, to a smoother claims process. Don’t just settle for any lawyer. Find out more about Kalsi & Associates and how they put your interest forward when taking your case.
Ask as many questions as you would like before you make a decision of choosing Kalsi & Associates as your personal injury lawyer.
At Kalsi & Associates, FREE consultation is provided, whether or not you choose to have them by your side for your personal injury inquiries.
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Kalsi & Associates provides legal assistance for accident victims with back injuries

The law office of Kalsi & Associates is proud to announce that they provide personal injury litigation services for people with back injuries caused by accidents across Ontario. For the convenience of their clients, Kalsi & Associates provides free consultation for anypersonal injury case.

Being involved in an accident is never easy and, sometimes, the consequences can be even worse than the accident itself. Although they vary in severity, back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries that can happen because of an accident. You can have a back injury if you are involved in a car accident, on a slip and fall accident and even on a work-related accident. The amount of compensation is calculated in relation to the severity of the case.

Even though it might be almost impossible to calculate how much someone’s pain is worth, the compensation for a back injury should reimburse the victim from the financial, physical and emotional costs required. With the help of Kalsi & Associates, the victim can focus on getting better while a personal injury lawyer work to make sure that they are compensated.

Kalsi & Associates is home to qualified personal injury lawyers and an abundant support staff. The team’s goal is to fight for their client’s personal injury case so that they can not only recover well from the injury, but also live with more quality of life after such hard times.

If you ever find yourself as a victim of an accident that has caused a back injury in Brampton, Toronto or Mississauga, do not hesitate to contact Kalsi & Associates at 1-844-905-2993.

Kalsi & Associates advises accident victims not to wait to make a personal injury claim

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The law office of Kalsi & Associates in Brampton has an important advice for accident victims: after you are injured in an accident, do not wait to make a personal injury claim. After an accident, hurry up to gather every possible information, because the more you wait, the less are the chances of being fairly compensated for your personal injury.

There are many reasons that explain why accident victims fail to collect or provide information after the accident. Some may be in shock, embarrassed, fearing the possibility of the insurance rates rising or fearing to appear litigious, just to name a few. Little to they know that collecting information can definitely protect their rights, even when they decide not to make a personal injury claim.

Kalsi & Associates’ personal injury lawyers in Brampton reinforce the importance of collecting photos, witnesses’ information and the identification of all parties involved at the time of the accident, the police reports and any kind of medical records that prove the veracity of your injury. After collecting all of that, you are ready to file a personal injury claim.

Without proper legal assistance, there is still a chance you may not be fully compensated for your injury. Luckily, Kalsi & Associates’ personal injury lawyers are always ready to protect their client’s rights, in every particular situation. Contact Kalsi & Associates at 1 (844) 905-2993 to apply for a free consultation in Brampton.

Ontario’s Kalsi & Associates recommend safety tips for drivers on holidays

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The law office of Kalsi & Associates in Brampton recommends that drivers take the road with more safety on the holidays. Since there usually is an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, the possibility of car accidents can also be higher.

Therefore, Kalsi & Associates suggests that people to pay extra attention to the roads, avoid drinking before driving, always wear seatbelts and check if their vehicle is in good condition. If unfortunately, you find yourself involved in a car accident, Kalsi & Associates is the law office you can trust. They provide personal injury litigation services for car accidents across Ontario – in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton -, offering a free consultation for the clients that aim to file a personal injury claim.

Brampton’s personal injury lawyers at Kalsi & Associates are fully committed to protectingcar accident victim’s rights. They work to guarantee that the victims are not only fairly compensated for their personal injury but that they can also recover from it and get back to their normal activities.

At Kalsi & Associates’ law office, you can find qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers that are ready to take care of your accident. Whether you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, in a slip and fall accident or even if you are denied for long-term or short-term disability benefits, Kalsi & Associates can help. Contact Kalsi & Associates at 1 (844) 905-2993 to apply for a consultation in Brampton.

Are you entitled for Accident Benefits? Kalsi & Associates has the answer

Are you entitled for Accident Benefits? Kalsi & Associates has the answer

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It is difficult to understand what goes through the mind of someone that has been injured in an accident. Not only do they have to get medical help, but also collect information from the at fault party and witnesses, and so on. Some might not even know that they have, indeed, the right to be compensated for their injury and all the costs involved.

With Accident Benefits, you can get compensation if you, your passengers or pedestrians are injured or killed due to a motor vehicle accident, no matter who is at fault in the situation. It usually covers medical and rehabilitation services, loss of income due to the fact that the victim is unable to work and overall expenses.

In the province of Ontario, when you have automobile insurance, you can get your compensation from the insurer even if you are injured in someone else’s vehicle. When you do not have automobile insurance, you can be compensated from the policy for the vehicle you are in at the time of the accident.

Those are only some facts about Accident Benefits, but without the assistance of a team of personal injury lawyers, it is really possible that you will not get a fair amount of compensation for your injury. If you or a loved one is a victim of a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, contact Kalsi & Associates at 1-844-905-2993 for immediate help.

Kalsi & Associates advises: be careful during Halloween

Kalsi & Associates advises: be careful during Halloween

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Summer is almost coming to an end and, with fall, Halloween is one of the first things that comes to our minds. Although it is a fun time of the year for both children and adults, parents should be warned about the risks of danger and injuries. As a matter of fact, children are more likely to suffer from a motor vehicle accident (and other kinds of accidents as well) on Halloween than at any other time during the year. That mostly happens because they go trick or treating at night when streets are darker.

Since this is a big issue that can be avoided, Kalsi & Associates has gathered some tips that will help parents keep their kids safe from any injuries during Halloween.

When trick-or-treating, never let your kids walk around the neighborhood without supervision. Even when there is an older child or a teenager leading a group of kids, you should always review their route to make sure that you know exactly where they will be and set a time for them to be back home. You should also advise your kids to never cross the street between cars and to pay extra attention to lights and cars that might appear. If your kid does not have a cellphone, lend them an old one just to answer your calls or to call you if something happens. When the kids are safe at home, do not forget to inspect the candy they were given before allowing them to eat it. Sometimes it could be contaminated.

With that in mind, dress your kid in a safe and comfortable costume , choose a pair of shoes that fit perfectly to prevent them from falling, give him or her a lantern and they are good to go

If those tips are not enough to prevent you or a loved one of being injured during Halloween in Ontario, do not hesitate to contact Kalsi & Associates before making a personal injury claim. A free initial consultation with our team of caring personal injury lawyers can be the starting point for you to be rightfully compensated.

Kalsi & Associates offers a free consultation for accident victims

Kalsi & Associates offers a free consultation for accident victims



Nobody expects to be involved in any sort of accident and, when it suddenly happens, some people are not sure about how to proceed. To help those in need, we at Kalsi & Associates Injury Lawyers offer an initial consultation free of charges. Our experienced team of legal professionals can explain everything injury victims need to know, no matter what is the situation.

From motor vehicle accident claims and long-term/short-term disability benefits to slip and fall action, Kalsi & Associates is always ready to assist you with any type of personal injury case or insurance claim.

Accidents, even when causing only mild injuries, can be life changing events and victims should have their rights protected. The benefits covered under the insurance policy are there so people can focus on getting better, but without the right support, the insurance claim process can quickly slow to an overcomplicated crawl. That is why Kalsi & Associates have the experience to give victims some possibilities of actions as fast as possible.

So, if you or a family member is a victim of any kind of accident, do not deal with the physical, emotional, psychological and financial burden alone. Kalsi & Associates have spent years earning a respected reputation for delivering results even throughout Ontario’s most complex and challenging personal injury cases while remaining committed to justice.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 1-844-905-2993 to get a free initial consultation. We have a successful track record of protecting the rights of our clients and we will do everything we can to get you the accident benefits you deserve.

A free initial consultation with Kalsi & Associates can be the beginning of your peace of mind.