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It is difficult to understand what goes through the mind of someone that has been injured in an accident. Not only do they have to get medical help, but also collect information from the at fault party and witnesses, and so on. Some might not even know that they have, indeed, the right to be compensated for their injury and all the costs involved.

With Accident Benefits, you can get compensation if you, your passengers or pedestrians are injured or killed due to a motor vehicle accident, no matter who is at fault in the situation. It usually covers medical and rehabilitation services, loss of income due to the fact that the victim is unable to work and overall expenses.

In the province of Ontario, when you have automobile insurance, you can get your compensation from the insurer even if you are injured in someone else’s vehicle. When you do not have automobile insurance, you can be compensated from the policy for the vehicle you are in at the time of the accident.

Those are only some facts about Accident Benefits, but without the assistance of a team of personal injury lawyers, it is really possible that you will not get a fair amount of compensation for your injury. If you or a loved one is a victim of a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, contact Kalsi & Associates at 1-844-905-2993 for immediate help.

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