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A serious injury can change lives in a matter of seconds. If you are facing a lengthy recovery, rehabilitation, or time away from work, allow Kalsi & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers to stand proudly by your side and fight for your fair compensation. Our team of experienced personal lawyers, paralegals, and legal staff are committed to providing comprehensive legal support and conveniently serving in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and all over Ontario. Our Practice Area:
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When a person suffers from personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence, the consequences can feel endless and the road to recovery will be challenging for the victim and their families. Dealing with unsettled insurance claims can be frustrating, especially when a victim has health and financial concerns. The goal of our legal team is to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of your situation and help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to. KALSI & ASSOCIATES Personal Injury Lawyers are available to provide you with a FREE consultation and help you to get the maximum benefits for your injury claim. Call Kalsi & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers at 1-844-90-LAWYER | 1-844-905-2993.

FAQ - Personal Injury

The foremost step of a personal injury case is having complete knowledge of the whole case. A thorough understanding indulges in finding the facts from the accident site and getting a complete understanding including the proof of injuries and damages. This may include a review of the victim’s medical history and overall background. Gathering all the important documents and reports that can strengthen the case and the claim is a part of the personal injury claim process. Statement of Claim is quite an important part of the process that includes all the facts covered in the documents of your case along with all the compensation the victim is seeking. It is very important to pay attention while making this ‘Statement of Claim’. 

The other party files a ‘Statement of Defense’ to counter the questions or to explain their role in the accident. So, to get the appropriate compensation, it is important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.
The case gets started with the next step known as discoveries when the claim has not been settled even after the claim process. In this part, each one gets the chance to question the other person to get clarity on liabilities and damages. If the claim does not get settled even after discoveries then the next step is to settle it with discussions between the parties. When the claim is set for a trial then the court provides the assessment after reviewing each aspect of the case.

A personal injury lawyer is a legal representative who provides legal services to individuals injured in an accident. Personal injury lawyers also named civil lawyers also represent an individual who got injuries in an accident done intendedly or unintendedly. The lawyer gives legal aid to the clients to get financial compensation for the expenses they spend on any physical or mental injuries.

Just like other legal professionals, the charge of civil lawyers varies from case to case and its complications. Various way outs can be made like paying according to a contingency fee agreement versus billing by the hour. It is better to ask directly from a personal injury lawyer while discussing your case. The professional will let you know the rough estimation as per the previously handled cases.

  • Take pictures of all the injuries
  • Visit a medical specialist if you haven’t visited
  • Take all precautions as per the doctor’s suggestion or prescription. And visit for follow-up appointments.
  • It’s better to describe the whole narrative of what happened in written form as it is fresh in your head.
  • Jort down everything including the description of the people and contact numbers (if possible).
  • Follow all Do’s and don’t of your lawyer.

Well, the later you file the case, the less likely it is to prove your case firmly due to proof hampering, etc. So, late application of the case may reduce the chances to get the appropriate claims. A personal injury case can be filed within four years of an accident. It’s better to check it or google it because the rules may get changed. Therefore, it is better to file the claim as soon as possible.