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Summer is almost coming to an end and, with fall, Halloween is one of the first things that comes to our minds. Although it is a fun time of the year for both children and adults, parents should be warned about the risks of danger and injuries. As a matter of fact, children are more likely to suffer from a motor vehicle accident (and other kinds of accidents as well) on Halloween than at any other time during the year. That mostly happens because they go trick or treating at night when streets are darker.

Since this is a big issue that can be avoided, Kalsi & Associates has gathered some tips that will help parents keep their kids safe from any injuries during Halloween.

When trick-or-treating, never let your kids walk around the neighborhood without supervision. Even when there is an older child or a teenager leading a group of kids, you should always review their route to make sure that you know exactly where they will be and set a time for them to be back home. You should also advise your kids to never cross the street between cars and to pay extra attention to lights and cars that might appear. If your kid does not have a cellphone, lend them an old one just to answer your calls or to call you if something happens. When the kids are safe at home, do not forget to inspect the candy they were given before allowing them to eat it. Sometimes it could be contaminated.

With that in mind, dress your kid in a safe and comfortable costume , choose a pair of shoes that fit perfectly to prevent them from falling, give him or her a lantern and they are good to go

If those tips are not enough to prevent you or a loved one of being injured during Halloween in Ontario, do not hesitate to contact Kalsi & Associates before making a personal injury claim. A free initial consultation with our team of caring personal injury lawyers can be the starting point for you to be rightfully compensated.

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