Long-Term Disability Claims Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Long-Term Disability Claims Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been over six months since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The novel virus’ effect is noticeable; politically, socially, and especially economically. The effects seem to have caught across every industry without an exemption.

The effects are prevalent, and the statistics below are a glimpse of some of the noticeable effects:

  • More than 51 million adults belonging to the working class in North America do not have a disability insurance plan.
  • Just 48% of this same population bracket can boast of sufficient savings to cater for their day to day expenses without additional income in the space of three months.
  • Among the present-day 20-year-olds, more than a quarter can expect a disability that will hinder them from working for at least one year even before the regular retirement age.
  • About 6% of North Americans in the working class will have a short-term disability due to pregnancies, injuries, or illnesses.

What these statistics show us that the COVID-19 pandemic rattled the world and the few of you that were not caught off-guard might find it challenging to pursue your long-term disability claims if the case arises.

What Are Long Term Disability Claims?

Long term disability claims are the benefits provided to cover up for inevitable unforeseen health mishaps. These health mishaps imply any disability that is severe enough to hinder you from going through with your daily activities or job. These health conditions are not limited to only physical conditions. A case of psychological disability may also be considered if it is serious enough to halt your job performance.

In such cases, there is a gulf left on the finances of the person affected. This is where long term disability claims come in to salvage the situation. To be entitled to a disability claim, you must have long-term disability insurance in place before now. Not just that, you need the services of competent long-term disability lawyers and injury lawyers to access your benefits.

This is as the process of recovering these disability benefits can be technical and tedious. In such a case, only competent disability lawyers or injury lawyers can help you claim the benefits void of any error.

Long Term Disability Claims During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Going through the process of disability claims in the past has always been an enduring process due to the technicality it requires, and in addition, certain risks are involved. The process has now become an arduous task as this part of life has not been left unaffected by the global pandemic.

From the feeling of being without a job to the sense of a relative being affected, as well as the effect of the lockdown restrictions on everyone, there has been a rise in cases of disabilities. More psychological and mental health conditions to deal with, not leaving out physical effects as well. There is a rise in cases of disabilities, both long term, and short term.

These reasons and more are responsible for the more tasking nature of the process of long-term disability claims. And more reason you need the services of disability lawyers. Kalsi & Associates serving in Mississauga and Brampton as disability lawyers have a proven track record of competence, making them the fit for such a situation. With locations across Greater Toronto Area and Ontario, Kalsi & Associates are one call away.

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