For Immediate Release Kalsi & Associates Provides Personal Injury Litigation for Long-Term/Short-Term Disability Benefits

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The law office of Kalsi & Associates is proud to announce that they provide personal injury litigation services for accidents across Ontario and offer a free consultation for your personal injury case.


Ontario’s victims of accidents and their family can go through many financial damages that can be even harder to deal with than the accident itself. Disappointment and stress can happen when insurance companies fail to propose to the victim a fair amount of long-term/short-term disability benefits to compensate for the injuries caused, making the victim rely solely on their own or their loved ones ability to earn money by themselves after the accident.


No accident casualty should ever endure the harm of being exploited by insurance firms. The individual personal injury attorneys of Kalsi & Associates in Ontario are focused giving their clients enough compensation for their damages while respecting the law.


Kalsi & Associates is home to qualified personal injury lawyers and an abundant support staff. They believe in fighting your personal injury case for you so that you can focus on your road to recovery.


If you or your family members have been denied for long-term or short-term disability benefits, contact Kalsi & Associates at 1 (844) 905-2993 or apply for a consultation online.

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At Kalsi & Associates, we understand the personal turmoil and stress that comes with personal injuries that occur as the result of someone else’s negligence.

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