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Princess Margaret Road Hockey

Princess Margaret cancer center is home to the largest clinical trials program in the country and is transforming cancer care for all Canadians. Their radiations medicine program is the largest under one roof in the world and Their surgical oncology program is the largest in the country. As global leaders in cancer care, the Princess Margaret has the expertise to treat many types of cancers. Personalized cancer medicine is a multi faceted, integrated approach to cancer care that focuses on the unique nature of each patient is different, so is every patient’s cancer. The funds raised through road hockey supports personalized cancer medicine, research treatment, advances educations and creates new standards of caree at the Princess Margaret, in Ontario and around the world. That’s why, every year staff from the Princess Margaret and the university health network join in. From doctors to scientists to nurses to administration staff, the entire team is committed to supporting this incredibly important cause. Kalsi & Associates personal injury lawyers are helping the community to support on this noble cause.

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